The Legends Contemporary townhouses at DAMAC Hills

4 Bed
4 Baths
1 Parking
1551 sqft
Year: 2024


“The Legends,” a luxurious residential community with townhouses featuring 3-7 bedrooms, large backyard garden spaces, and beautiful golf views. The emphasis seems to be on elevating lifestyle through high-end amenities and a sense of community living.
The townhouses are designed with a blend of cosmopolitan luxury and natural elements, using earthen textures to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The exteriors boast striking façades, sleek lines, and polished detailing, which sets them apart and adds a touch of refinement to the homes.
One of the key attractions of living in The Legends is the proximity to golfing facilities. Residents have easy access to the soft green hills, allowing them to enjoy the serenity of nature while still being close to the Trump Clubhouse. This combination of tranquility and luxury provides a perfect balance for those who appreciate the finer things in life.
Overall, The Legends appears to offer a premium living experience, combining high-end features with a strong sense of community and connection to nature through the nearby golfing facilities. It’s a place where residents can escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world and retreat to their own exclusive sanctuary.

*Payment Plan Available

Payment Plan


Purchase Date

70 %

During Construction

10 %


To offers residents viable and affordable payment plan options, Damac Legend Villas is presented with hassle-free payment enrolment, making the process easier. Buyers can book one of the units at this prestigious development without facing any major inconvenience.

Easy Installment Payment Plan

Installment Payment Milestone
Down Payment 20% On Sales Date
1st Installment 8.75% Within 3 months from sales date
2nd Installment 8.75% Within 6 months from sales date
3rd Installment 8.75% Within 9 months from sales date
4th Installment 8.75% Within 12 months from sales date
5th Installment 8.75% Within 15 months from sales date
6th Installment 8.75% Within 18 months from sales date
7th Installment 8.75% Within 21 months from sales date
8th Installment 4.75% Within 24 months from sales date
9th Installment 2% On 70% of Project Completion
10th Installment 1% On 80% of Project Completion
11th Installment 1% On 90% of Project Completion
Final Installment 10% On Completion


  • ID:
  • Total Area:
    1551 sqft
  • Rooms:
  • Bed:
  • Baths:
  • Parking:
  • Price:
    FromAED 2,750,000
  • Year:
  • Status:


  • Garden
  • Golf Course
  • Green Community
  • Outdoor Activity
  • Outdoor Kids Area
  • Restaurants
  • Sports
  • Supermarkets
  • Swimming Pool

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AED 2,750,000
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